Ana Roquero

The soul of Cookplay

Cookplay was created in Bilbao 2014 by the basque industrial designer Ana Roquero. Ana was educated at London Kingston University and during last 20 years she became a great generator of ideas while working with the best spanish companies as external consultant. She designed a wide range of highend design products as a crafts consultant (registered by the german government); professional knives for ARCOS, ticket vending machines of Bilbao subway under the supervision of Norman Foster, kitchen concepts for FAGOR in collaboration with Dominique Perrault and Bilbao and Madrid stores for menswear MAN 1924.

“Cookplay was born to break new ground and its first product, Jomon, allows everyone to create their own ideal meal with fascinating style and versatile solution. Jomon is the result of the coexistence of the most universal forms of eating”