Premium Gastro 100% Chef – molecular gastronomy, dry ice, catering Cookplay - design tableware 



COOKPLAY CHIKIO represents 100% ekological tableware, made with love to the nature and with respect to the environment. The products are completely made of the brand new material – sugarcane pulp and they are disposable, compostable and 100% ecological.


Shell Line is inspired in nature with elegant and stylish lines that offers great organic volumes and functionality in each piece of the collection. This enhance the gastronomic experience making possible the most sophisticated culinary meal as well as an everyday common table.


Yayoi Helps you eat smart by planning and designing your menus with its 4 different dishes

YAYOI is a set of tableware that invites to eat in a healthy and creative way by offering 4 different designed supports to configure your menus based on eating “less quantity and more variety”

Ana Roquero wanted this time to enter in the world of scales and volumes to create 4 units adapted to measure of a healthy and balanced diet.

The set helps plan a more complete meal, as it values the capacity and volume of the different kinds of food (Carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables and proteins) to achieve the precise amount of portions and recommended variety of a more balanced diet.


Jomon is inspired in nature and back to our origins with a pure essential form. It is a kind of shell which can be held with your hand to eat freely; sitting at the table, standing up or lying down. A set of trays with reliefs where the bowls can rest offer various dining possibilities. Created by the designer Ana Roquero.


Airy, light, with shapes that express beauty and innovation in porcelain. Inviting and versatile pieces.

Fusion of cultures, the world of Tea and Coffee, Appetizers, Sauces and Garnishes. A design without handles that allows you to feel its volumes and experience its texture and touch.